Norwegian Buhund Club of America

BHA November Barn Hunt at National Specialty

On: 10/21/2015

2016 Specialty
On: 3/10/2015

2016 Specialty

Mark your  calendar

Salisbury, MD - Nov 9- 13

This coming year we are going to have 2 supported entries and the specialty in the same weekend - Along with tons of other activities - an agility B-match or clinic and a barn hunt -

Our judge is coming from across the pond - Millie Lambert








Health Survey
On: 1/30/2015

Here is the link to the Buhund health Survey - please go to it and fill it out if you have not done so - Thank you

On: 10/27/2014

Congratulations to the 2015 Versatile Award winners

VNB-bronze: Ben Daniels and GCH Port Gamble Fjord's Anders Ht
VNB-Silver: Valina Dawson and Ch Zodiac's Nobel Axel RN, BN, CGCA
VNB: Valina Dawson and Ch Zodiac's Bindy Bu CGCA RN
VNB: Mona Aasmul and Trollheimen Wisdom of the World
VNB: Bronze: Mike Woodson and Caredig Naughty Nisse

Congratulations to the 1st 9 Norwegian Buhunds to achieve the Versatile Buhund titles

VNB - Trollheimen Beyla at Fabrajs (owner: Faye Adcox)                                               VNB-S (silver)

Zodiac's Nobel Axel (owner: Valina and Ted Dawson)                                                        Norskwyand's Comet Absolutt (Owner: Brenda Lund &Helen Boeck)

                                                                                                                                          Randalyn Spring Jada (owners: Cathy Mazzotta & Ellen Yacknin)

VNB-B (bronze)                                                 

Trollhiemen Moca Cappuccino (Owners: Cathy Mazzotta and Ellen Yacknin)                   VNB-G (gold)

Trollhiemen's Norse Ari (Owner: Donna Manders)                                                             Jorund Kinzi (owner: Jasmine Tata and Semeer Prasad)

Zodiac's Orion Rising (Owner: Jasmine Tata)                                                                    Vision's Darby of Trollheimen (Owner: Gayle Garbush & David Pater)


The Versatility titles/award are awarded in recongnition of accomplishments of Buhunds in a wide range of activities such as conformation, rally, weight pulling, herding, therapy work, lure coursing and tracking in which certification and titles are earned

Barn Hunt Documents
On: 9/9/2014

Introduction to Rats and Tubes: NBCA_Introduction_to_Rats_and_Tubes

BHA/NBCA Barn Hunt Test: barnhunt_test_Oct2014_premium

On: 7/27/2013