Norwegian Buhund Club of America

 Congratulations to the 1st 9 Norwegian Buhunds to achieve the Versatile Buhund titles

VNB - Trollheimen Beyla at Fabrajs (owner: Faye Adcox)                                               VNB-S (silver)

Zodiac's Nobel Axel (owner: Valina and Ted Dawson)                                                        Norskwyand's Comet Absolutt (Owner: Brenda Lund &Helen Boeck)

                                                                                                                                          Randalyn Spring Jada (owners: Cathy Mazzotta & Ellen Yacknin)

VNB-B (bronze)                                                 

Trollhiemen Moca Cappuccino (Owners: Cathy Mazzotta and Ellen Yacknin)                   VNB-G (gold)

Trollhiemen's Norse Ari (Owner: Donna Manders)                                                             Jorund Kinzi (owner: Jasmine Tata and Semeer Prasad)

Zodiac's Orion Rising (Owner: Jasmine Tata)                                                                    Vision's Darby of Trollheimen (Owner: Gayle Garbush & David Pater)


The Versatility titles/award are awarded in recongnition of accomplishments of Buhunds in a wide range of activities such as conformation, rally, weight pulling, herding, therapy work, lure coursing and tracking in which certification and titles are earned

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