Approved Breeders

Process for listing of approved breeders and/or litters on the Norwegian Buhund Club of America (NBCA) Website and publications

Listing of breeders and litters in any NBCA publication is a privilege extended to members by the NBCA at its discretion. Approved breeders must hold current membership status, agree to and abide by the current NBCA Code of Ethics, and maintain the health and welfare of their animals. To be listed as an approved breeder or have litters listed by the NBCA, breeders must submit OFA, PennHIP or FCI rankings and CERF numbers on both sire and dam of the litter to the Secretary. OFA rankings must be Fair or above; PennHIP DI should be no greater than 0.6, subject to change as more Norwegian Buhunds are included in the PennHIP database; FCI rankings must be A or B. CERF numbers must be within 12 months of the breeding. In the event that a breeding animal is eight (8) years of age or above, current CERF is not required, as long as the animal has a CERF number during its seventh (7th) year. Bitches over six (6) years of age must have a veterinarian's certificate of health before breeding.

Linda Lundstrom

Zodiac Ranch
Phone: (248) 202-0178
Address: 2791 Wixom Rd, Milford, MI

Christa Kenyon

Rose Shadow Ranch
Phone: (248) 408-0310
Address: 4576 Evans Rd, Holly, MI

Christine Keefe

Vinter Kennel
Phone: (609) 658-6559
Address:, Wrightstown, NJ

Faye Adcox

Phone: (302) 242-8877
Address: 120 Southern Blvd, Wyoming, de

Marcie Babbitt

Phone: (570) 465-3232
Address: 20671 SR 706, New Milford, PA

Diana Gilgenbach

Starry Sky Ranch
Phone: (920) 979-2645
Address: 1481 Clairville rd, Oshkosh, Wisco

LaDonna Heider

Phone: (920) 216-0396
Address: Oshkosh, WI

Else Turner

Trollheimen kennel
Phone: (609) 353-4702